Bed Accessories

In order to enhance your experience with your SAMINA bed, we offer bed accessories that are easy to add to your sleep system.

The SAMINA Reading Recliner is one of our favorite bed accessories. Metal-free and manual, so you can sit in the perfect position that allows sitting in bed with an anatomically correct spine. It also provides gentle reclining for the joints. There are four different positions offered for maximum comfort to adjust to body type and personal reference.

samina reading recliner'

The SAMINA Relaxation Bridge is a great way to unwind. Not meant for sleeping, it brings the spine into a relaxed, prone position. It’s suitable for short periods of time for therapeutic purposes, especially to relieve the lower intervertebral discs after strenuous exercise, heavy lifting, and other types of strain.

The SAMINA Header/Footer Wedges add special support to the head and feet by raising it a couple of inches to improve blood circulation. Elevating the head or your feet can be great ways to sleep better with health benefits for both adjustments. Similarly the SAMINA Hip Support is used to increase the strength level of the slat frame in the hip area for those who need aid with chronic hip issues.

Another one of the amazing bed accessories that helps with support is the SAMINA Shoulder Bolster. A great solution for side sleepers or those with shoulder and neck tension. By replacing wooden slats in the shoulder area with an organic wool pad, the shoulder zone experiences relief and stabilization. The elastic and padded SAMINA Shoulder Bolster can also be used to lessen pressure in other sensitive areas of the body (like the hips and lower back).

It’s easy to customize a SAMINA sleep system to cater to your individual needs with several bed attachments. It is always recommended that you consult with a healthy sleep adviser first to benefit from the wisdom of almost 30 years of sleep experience to see what kinds of customization could work for your specific circumstances.