Advantages of SAMINA

The SAMINA Sleep System is essentially the eco mattress for healthy sleep offering plenty of health benefits. From back pain to allergies, the eco mattress system, has advantages for everyone looking for the SAMINA Sleep System experience.

samina bed

Back Pain

Back Pain: SAMINA can effectively reduce or eliminate back pain associated with a lack of support in bed. The patented slat system contours to your spine supporting its natural shape all night long. Why is this important? Think about it. When we stress our bodies (ladies, think high heels!) into unnatural shapes or positions, we tend to suffer consequences. A bed with no back support can actually cause problems where there were none.

Sweating While Sleeping

Sweating While Sleeping: We all sweat as part of our natural detoxification especially when we sleep. SAMINA has an open air design like no other bed. With open air circulation, breathable layers, and natural wool materials, the right conditions exist to help you sleep dry and not have your sleep disrupted because you are sweaty. According to the results of a study conducted by the University of Leeds, wool bedding helps normalize sleepers’ temperature noticeably more than feather, down or polyester fibers. The humanely harvested wool used exclusively in SAMINA bedding products is the sweaty sleepers answer to overheating while sleeping. We describe this phenomenon as “self regulating” especially because two different people sharing the same bed and bedding can maintain their individual body temperatures and sleep more comfortably. In our experience, many couples suffer a classic conflict over temperature in bed and SAMINA’s wool bedding materials help couples sleep together again.


Detoxification: As a leading sleep scientist , Professor Dr. William C. Dement of Stanford University declares that 90% of our health depends on our sleep. Researchers have even repeatedly pointed out that our civilized sleeping and bed culture, especially the horizontal sleeping position, may be a major cause of a number of health disorders and diseases. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation has the same effect on your immune system as physical stress or illness. But by now most people are aware of the benefits of a good night’s rest, when it comes to your immune system, stress, and illness. However most people are unaware of the detoxification benefits from healthy sleep. Recent research has suggested that the brain flushes out toxins during sleep. According to the National Institutes of Health, “sleep changes the cellular structure of the brain.” The space between brain cells increases during sleep, allowing the brain to flush out toxins during waking hours. Flushing out the toxins has many positive effects, such as decreasing your risk of heart disease and lowering your blood pressure. According to Dr. Mercola, proper sleep can actually aide in chronic diseases such as, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Gastrointestinal tract disorders, Kidney disease, and even behavioral problems in children. The natural products we have from SAMINA’s Sleep System to the accessories, help provide a healthy sleep. But SAMINA has even gone further by using new technology with SAMINA’s GRAVITY Inclined Bed. The GRAVITY Inclined Bed enhances detoxification and regeneration.

Asthma & Allergies

Asthma & Allergies: Where you sleep is what you breathe. Are you sleeping in a chemical factory or natural mountain air? SAMINA is handcrafted in the Vorarlberg mountains in Austria where the air is pure. The production center is beyond clean and the lack of machinery assures the purity of the natural and organic materials used in every SAMINA healthy sleep product from Austria to your bedroom. We have uncompromisingly high purity standards and the lack of petrochemicals and other irritants already help you breathe better. Beyond that, the system is “self-cleaning” with its open air design and breathability of materials so that moisture does not remain trapped but evaporates into the ambient air. A dry bed is less prone to grow uninvited guests like dust mites, mold, bacteria, mildew. Furthermore, the high content of lanolin in SAMINA’s wool is a natural deterrent to dust mites that colonize in conventional mattresses that trap moisture. Noteworthy (and totally gross) is the fact that dust mite fecal matter is a human irritant and allergen. So if you have any kind of breathing difficulty or you find yourself congested when you awake, consider your bed the culprit. SAMINA sleepers collectively report sleeping better and breathing better.


Grounding: The Lokosana® Grounding Pad is an essential element to the SAMINA Sleep System. Because we are bio-electrical systems living on an electrical planet. SAMINA came up with a way to ensure the Lokosana® Grounding Pad would improve quality of sleep through earthing and the stabilization of natural magnetic fields. Based on research by the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, positive free-flowing electrons in our bodies have been linked to inflammation, aging and other chronic conditions. It especially interferes with our natural sleep rhythms. Grounding your body at night while sleeping, the body is restored to its normal electrical state.

Comfort Adjustments

Comfort Adjustments: The unique double-slatted, freely suspended wood slat frame not only perfectly contours to each sleeper’s own spine providing optimal support but also lends itself to unique customization. For example, a man with extremely broad shoulders often finds discomfort when sleeping on his side. Our Shoulder Bolster can be added in place of several slats to soften this zone of the bed and bring comfort to side sleeping. There are a number of other adjustments that can be made depending on the individual and even better, only one side may be changed leaving the other sleeper unaffected by the modifications. For more information about custom comfort adjustments, contact a SAMINA healthy sleep advisor.


Eco-friendly: SAMINA is proud to maintain a zero carbon footprint from sourcing through production. In addition to various European certifications, we are also a Green America Certified Business, which assures you that our materials are sustainable (like our eco mattress), our sheep’s wool humanely harvested, and our production processes sensitive to the environment. One of the biggest challenges we face in our business is helping clients rid themselves of old conventional mattresses to replace with their new SAMINA Sleep System. Try finding a charity to pick up a used mattress? Unlike our eco-friendly mattress, Conventional mattresses from the cheap ones to the expensive luxury brands are almost all made with synthetic materials, drenched in flame retardants, include materials with health-compromising phthalates, metal springs and petrochemicals. There is nothing recyclable or sustainable about these products and most, unfortunately, go to the dump. Now that we mention it, you will very likely notice mattresses on the roadsides, in lakes, in drainage ditches, and so on. Because SAMINA is built from natural products it is bio-degradable but what’s more is that it will last far longer than a conventional mattress and with some simple maintenance and replacement for wear & tear (beginning in about a decade!) SAMINA will easily last a lifetime and likely several.

Animal Friendly

Animal Friendly: You may be someone who is aware of how awfully inhumane the majority of the wool growers treat their sheep. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and celebrities like Pink have long advocated to improve the conditions and practices the wool industry utilizes which, in our opinion, are barbaric. We do not condone these practices and only use animal-friendly wool. It’s hand-processed, which means humanely hand-shorn, hand-washed, and then hand-combed into layers. Made from the purest virgin sheep’s wool, SAMINA uses wool filling in the bedding, as well as pillows and wool pad toppers. Not only are the products made from the purest virgin sheep’s wool, but used from free-roaming, pesticide-free, living sheep.