Lokosana® Grounding Pad


The main idea behind grounding is the fact that human beings are electromagnetic beings. Of course, the environment we live in is also electromagnetic. Nowadays most people work indoors, instead of outdoors like the past, and the fact that we used to roam the planet barefoot and now wear rubber-soled shoes mean that we are further separated from Earth. Consequently, many of us experience an accumulation of static electricity in our bodies which may lead to inflammation amongst other issues. SAMINA developed Lokosana® to restore the natural, balanced electrical state of your body while sleeping, i.e., to ground you.

Lokosana® Grounding Pad

The Lokosana® grounding pad is the ideal complement to a SAMINA healthy sleep system where it is placed between the natural rubber mattress and the wool mattress topper. It is grounded with a CE certified energized plug from the AC outlet. The grounding pad uses a thin layer of bio-active sheep’s wool, bio-magnets, and a layer of fabric interwoven with pure silver. It is the silver composition in particular that impacts the expense of this component. The sheep’s wool is unbelievably soft, keeping the pad from feeling stiff and providing a pathway for moisture from your body. The bio-magnets stabilize the distorted electromagnetic fields of our modern lifestyle. The pad effectively has you sleeping in a head north – feet south position for optimal grounding and healthy sleep.

Throughout the day we’re surrounded by electronic devices like televisions, computers, phones, and microwaves. As one of the layers of the SAMINA Sleep System, Lokosana® was created to improve sleep quality through the desired stabilization of the earth’s magnetic fields known as earthing or grounding. By grounding your body at night while sleeping, the body is restored to its normal electrical state. Lokosana® works through a current-less connection through an electrical outlet only using the grounding component like it does with your electrical appliances. Lokosana® works through indirect contact with your body, which means you actually don’t have direct contact with the silver fabric inside of the pad. The grounding pad acts as an earthing mat that covers a great area of your body. Bio-magnets further assist in restoring the balance of the Earth’s magnetic field. The result is similar to the effect of walking barefoot and having direct contact with Earth. This is vital to human beings getting reacquainted with our lost connection to Earth. Think about it—when was the last time you walked barefoot directly on the ground of the earth. It is one reason people sleep so much better after a day at the beach walking barefoot!

Metal Spring Mattress Studies

Study after study has been conducted to show the effects of sleeping on spring mattresses. The physician, Dr. Karl Hecht, Professor for Neurophysiology and Emeritus Professor for Experimental and Clinical Patho-Physiology of the Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany wrote a piece entitled Because of Body-Earthing: Health, Good Sleep, and High Performance. In it, he cites a study from a Munich graduate engineer Gerald Blumrich, who he states, “evaluated the magnetic field strength and field direction on places to sleep. After he took measurements 40 cm above the spring mattress, he was able to prove that the field intensity of the Earth magnetic field gets contorted through the magnetized metal parts of a spring mattress.” According to Blumrich’s findings, “the contortion of the geo-magnetical field gets amplified through the weight of the sleeping person and the therewith connected compression of the springing. The more a human being is moving around in bed, the bigger the disturbance.” This is part of the reason people using Lokosana® actually do experience a more restful sleep especially when additionally protected by the metal-free (non-conductive) SAMINA Sleep System.