Natural Bed Frames

Metal Free Beds

We offer the finest organic bed frames to complement SAMINA healthy sleep systems. What is an organic bed frame? It is one made from 100% natural materials like hard wood and finished with organic oils, not synthetic varnishes or paints. It is also masterfully created so that no metal whatsoever is in the construction. Metal has proven harmful in your bed and can irritate the earth’s magnetic field and interrupt your natural Circadian sleep rhythm. As the modern world becomes more aware of how we impact and damage our environment and how we pollute ourselves, we logically want a more organic and eco-friendly world from our food to transportation to power sources like solar energy. It’s been a natural progression for people to want organic households, too.

SAMINA has built a relationship with the Italian company Luxlet to offer stunning and contemporary metal-free bed frames. No metal in the joints means less EMR and a healthier sleep. Part of the reason SAMINA also uses the Lokosana® Grounding Pad with the sleep system. The craftsmanship behind the organic bed frames provides in many styles shows off a flawless 360-degree view of the wooden bed frames. The production for a wood bed frame starts with 100% FSC-certified European wood. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) makes sure that forests are responsibly managed with more than 380 million acres of certified forests under their system including more than 150 million acres in the United States and Canada.

Luxlet knows Luxury

samina inside bed framesThe sleek design of the bed frames are not only modern, but also fashion forward. Slim curves provide the comfort and support your frame needs for a SAMINA bed. Luxlet showcases simplicity with gorgeous headboards while also having more grandiose choices. For a clean simple look, the Lena Easy shows straight lines that can complement any bedroom looking for a sleek, simple look. Looking for a frame with style? The Gloria Majestic comes with a luxurious headboard that wraps around the head of the bed like a cozy scarf. The Mariella Deluxe has become a favorite for some and is an award-winning bed frame because of its “suspended” look to mimic a floating feel. Whatever your aesthetic, Luxlet offers an array of choices to meet your style.

Carve with Care

All of the organic bed frames have the potential to be personalized. Your headboard can be adorned with decorations and hand-carved initials. Whether they are a simpler design like squares and triangles, or more intricate patterns or fancy Swarovski crystals, the qualified craftsmen can make your natural bed frames unique to you. The bed frames can even be measured to perfection for your ideal comfortable size. The tailoring that Luxlet provides means many possibilities for a custom bed frame. Luxlet also offers great bedside additions to create the best bedroom experience for you. With their clean materials and designs, we’re glad to offer our clients a non-toxic, natural and organic furniture solution for their SAMINA sleep systems with this Italian brand.