Nursing Pillow

Pregnancy Pillows

We understand that nursing and pregnancy can be a special time for mothers and their babies, so our nursing and pregnancy pillows have been designed to add to the enriching experience. While pregnant, the positioning of the pregnancy pillows provides a reliable sleep that comfortably gets you through each night. Sleeping on your side (known as the best sleep position during pregnancy) thankfully becomes cozy again while positioning the pillow between the legs.


During birth, our pregnancy pillows have also been able to help assist with the comfort of the mother. Giving birth can be a stressful time for mothers and parents who are excited about the birth of their new child. So along with your hospital bag packed with comfortable clothes, phone chargers, and homecoming outfits for your newborn, one of our maternity pillows is a must! We can’t help with the stiffness of the cramped hospital bed but having our pillow with you can provide your body the comfort it deserves throughout the contractions. Not just a regular maternity pillow, our pillow can also be used as a nursing pillow, too. While the baby rests on the pillow in your arms during nursing, it relieves weight on the arm, shoulder, and neck area. Because the pillow is made from unpolluted raw materials like virgin sheep’s wool and organic cotton, it’s safe for your baby.

Not just for moms and moms to be

It’s also frequently used by the elderly or people needing additional care and support. It’s a useful tool for the whole family as it acts as a comfort cushion to give relaxation and sleep to everyone. Coordinated pillowcases are available for the SAMINA nursing and pregnancy pillow in cotton sateen. The colors available are light blue, dark blue, light yellow, and white. The cover is washable organic cotton and is about 71 inches in length and holds approximately 4.5 pounds of pure, organic sheep’s wool. It is pure luxury—a gift from nature!