Healthy Sleep Starts at the Head

What makes a SAMINA pillow the best pillow for neck pain is the orthopedic support it provides your neck. With the correct orthopedic pillow on your SAMINA Sleep System, you receive gentle support below your neck, gently opening your throat to aid breathing and lessen snoring. The power behind the Sleep System is knowing that what goes on top of your bed is just as important as your mattress and slat frame. Just like the slat frame was built to support your spine, SAMINA created a range of pillows to support your neck, making any one of them, the best pillow for neck pain.

Pillow Talk

SAMINA offers a variety of pillows to suit your specific sleep needs. Please note: All measurements below are in inches.

samina delta pillowSAMINA Delta: The most popular selling pillow, the Delta has a highly elastic natural rubber core that adapts to the neck-head line and is very orthopedically effective. The design prevents positional strain in the neck. This is the best pillow for side sleepers. Available in different heights (Delta High and Delta Low). Measurements: Standard (16″x32″) Queen (20″x28″) King (20″x32″)

samina balance pillowSAMINA Balance: Provides correct position of the neck and head to benefit the cervical spine, Narrow insert of natural rubber positioned in the back of the neck. Especially suitable for long necks and pronounced inward curvature of the neck. Measurements: Standard (16”x24″) Queen (16″x31.5″) King (20″x32″)

samina bijoue pillowSAMINA Bijoue: Rubber padding equalizes the distance between the cheek and shoulder in the side-lying position. A natural rubber insert supports the shape of the neck. No need for repositioning in different sleep positions. Highly recommended as the best pillow for neck pain as it’s ideal for sensitive necks and for people who suffer from neck afflictions like whiplash. Measurements: King (20″x32″)

samina pillowSAMINA Spelt, Flock, Millet, Kapok, Swiss Stone Pine: The core consists of spelt grain or millet husks from certified organic growers, natural kapok fibers, pine shavings or in the case of the flock pillow, natural rubber flakes. The loose filling materials offer individual positioning of the core at sleeper’s neck area. Measurements: Flock: Standard (16″x32″) Queen (20″x28″) King (20″x32″)

samina gamba pillowSAMINA Gamba: The Gamba pillow lies between the legs or underneath a leg from thigh to beyond the ankle joint. This pillow is especially suitable for sensitive people, like hip patients and people requiring long stints of bed rest. Measurements: (18″x36″)

samina combi-med pillowSAMINA Combi-med: Designed with a shaped neck area and is filled with narrow natural rubber nuggets and organic sheep’s wool. It adapts well to the normal inward sway of the neck and the shoulder area. Measurements: King (20″x32″)

samina nature soft pillowSAMINA Nature Soft: A highly elastic, soft, natural rubber core inside delivers a good fit in the neck and shoulder area. Perfect for people with wide shoulders. Also available in extra soft and extra flat. Measurements: King (16″x32″)

samina phoenix pillowSAMINA Phoenix: A special pillow for people who sleep on their stomach. The cut-outs on the sides of the cushion keeps the head at less of an angle. This causes a lower elongation of the cervical spine and upper back. This puts less strain on the cervical spine and upper part of the spinal column. Measurements: Standard (16″x24″)

samina papillon pillowSAMINA Papillon: The perfect travel pillow for car, train, and airplane. We all know what it’s like, particularly during a long commute when you’re stuck sitting upward. Well the Papillon is filled with organic sheep’s wool and offers support on both sides of the head while in that sitting position. This makes the Papillon a great travel companion. Please note: This pillow is a travel pillow so it is smaller than the rest of the pillows. Measurements: (22″x12″)

samina standard pillowSAMINA Standard: Filled with pure organic sheep’s wool and encased with 100% organic cotton. The Standard comes in two models: Light and Extra Light. Standard pillows are suitable for children. Measurements: Child (16″X24″) Standard (16″x32″) Queen (20″x28″) King (20″x32″)

As detailed above the wide range of pillows offer the best pillows for side sleepers as well as the best pillows for hip support and those who need bed rest. Since people come in many shapes and sizes, so do SAMINA pillows to help support the unique contours of your head and neck. And the special attention and care SAMINA put in using all organic, natural materials encased in soft, organic cotton, make them the best pillows money can buy.