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Customers have been thanking us in their mattress reviews for years as we’ve been helping many of them solve their sleep issues. The SAMINA Sleep System has helped alleviate back issues and subdue many of the reasons people toss and turn at night such as sweating too much, too cold/hot, snoring, and general sleep discomfort. For some, it’s made them feel healthy from the inside out—feeling completely regenerated and renewed after continued nights’ of restful sleep.

The mattress reviews we receive are from the heart because we’ve made sleep (and people’s lives) that much better. For us, one of the most important aspects of the products is the natural, raw materials, and handmade production to ensure that you’re not just sleeping comfortably and cozy but that you and your loved ones are sleeping with healthy products devoid of harmful chemicals and toxins. As you continue to read mattress reviews directly from what our customers have to say, you’ll see the many ways this sleep system has changed and enriched lives.

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by Cate in Colorado on SAMINA

Living with chronic Lyme disease and its physical, mental and emotional pain has been very challenging. The worst part has been the insomnia I have experienced for two years. As a nutritionist and exercise physiologist, I know how essential sleep is for health. I am so excited to have slept through the night for the first time in two years on the Samina bed. I felt a deep sense of relaxation that I haven't felt in years. I felt the energy of the grounding pads as my feet and hands gently tingled. I am a HUGE fan and highly recommend the Samina sleep system for anyone who is looking for a great night's sleep, increased vitality, energy and well-being. Claus is fantastic to work with. We are so grateful to have met him and to have purchased this incredible sleep system.Our son also has chronic Lyme and we bought a Pummer bed frame and Samina sleep system for him as well.He is sleeping more restfully too. We are certain that getting a better sleep will help him heal and start living his life again.We will be ordering two more beds, one for our daughter and one for our younger son as well. Once you experience Samina, you will never want to sleep on anything else.My heartfelt thanks to Claus Pummer and Samina."

by C. Drew, Minden, NV on SAMINA

My experience with the bed is very positive. As you predicted, even though I don't normally have pain issues, I am awakening more refreshed and feeling my body more "open" and free-moving. Although I find it hard to believe, it seems as though I am sleeping on my back throughout the night as I awaken in the same position in which I started.Confession: I actually have taken a few visitors into the bedroom to see and experience the system. Having the full system available to share comes under the category of "a picture is worth a thousand words."

by JJ Virgin CNS, CHFS on SAMINA

SAMINA is the last bed you’ll ever need and the only bed you’ll ever want.

by Dr. Kara on SAMINA

We are loving the magnetic grounding pads. I just brought it with me to a Functional Medicine conference and note that I feel more refreshed and less inflamed while sleeping. We would like to order one more pad for my youngest son...Thanks for this awesome product! At some point we will order a fourth.

by Laura Green, Truckee, CA on SAMINA

I had the most enjoyable experience purchasing my Samina bed. Claus continues to be very helpful answering any and all of my questions I have along the way. He is really enjoyable to communicate with responds to my calls and emails quickly.I first bought the grounding pads and met Claus and his wife Denise in San Francisco - where I had the opportunity to try out the bed. At this point, I was almost certain it would have taken me 5-10 years to save to make the purchase. Little did I know then, it would be 6 months later.I bought the grounding pads first. The grounding pads increased the depth of my sleep and I instantly realized I was sleeping undisturbed and not waking in the middle of the night as per usual. I thought I had a comfortable-enough bed at the time, but soon realized my back pain was increasing. Not only did my lower back pain increase over time (due to disc issues), my young & healthy husband, out of nowhere, threw out his back soon after waking - just by putting on his shoes. It was clear - our bed was the problem. I did so much research on all different kinds of bed purchase options. I knew that a Samina bed was the best investment for our health over all other bed options. Claus made it so easy for us to purchase, and helped with the entire process including how to build our own bed frame.We've been sleeping in our new bed for a a couple months now. My husband's back pain is completely gone and so is mine!!! I fall asleep right as I lay down. I wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated. My dreams have been more vivid and memorable! It's like sleeping on a floating cloud. We've recently invested in the wool pillows and comforter as well - so now we have the complete Samina setup. We're so happy to know - the grounding pads will last the rest of our life time, our bed does not host dust mites or toxic chemicals, our body temperature and moisture is regulated throughout the night in our warm Summers and below freezing Winters, and we have 20+ years before we have to replace anything! We couldn't be happier! Thank you Claus!

by Bob Ernst on SAMINA

This bed has had a SIGNIFICANT impact on my health. Really bad insomnia for 12 years; I couldn't imagine anything changing that - but the Samina bed did. I was sleeping significantly better during the first week of sleeping on the bed - Plus, more energy during the day. I believe the grounding pad has been a big part of this. I Highly recommend trying the Samina bed..

by T. Barnett, San Diego, CA on SAMINA

It's been about 2 1/2 months and I'm sleeping well on my Samina bed. The knee pain went away after about 2 weeks as did the hip pain. The back pain is minimal unless I sleep very long hours which is rare.

by Dr. & Mrs. Clark, Concord, CA on SAMINA

I am enjoying my bed so much. I sleep more soundly, awaken more easily and have less pain in my low back and hips.

by T. Saito on SAMINA

I have had a custom Samina bed for about five months now. I ordered it after seeing their exhibit at the Bulletproof Conference and finding the concepts very appealing.

Claus was extremely helpful during the whole process. He went as far as designing me a custom solution for utilizing my existing walnut bed frame to reduce as much waste as possible. Overseas delivery to my home in Japan was very smooth, and Claus was helpful in providing the lowest cost shipping option available.

Assembly was quite simple, and the instructions provided were very good. I was stunned at the build quality. This is not like an IKEA piece. It is intelligent engineering and superb craftsmanship using fine woods.

The bed is extremely comfortable. To me, though, the defining quality is how clean it is from dust mites, mold and other contamination, particularly considering my strong allergies to such things. I could just feel the difference right away. My previous mattress was a conventional one that was six years old. My assumption is that the lack of metal parts is also a factor, though this is difficult to prove. You can tell how much better my sleep was after I switched to the samina based on the sleep app graphs below from my last night on my old mattress and the first night on my new Samina, Although subjectively the improvement was even larger that what can be seen on the graphs (enclosed).

by Hedy Razavi on SAMINA

For the first time since Shaleez was born, we didn't have to ask her to go to bed last night!
Her words after waking up: "I don't think I moved all night, and I don't think I have ever slept so deep in my life!"
And for the record, for a pre teen, she was in a good mood all day after such a good night sleep.
Let's watch it for a while but I think you could argue that SAMINA helps with behavioral issues in teen years;)

by Mehrdad Razavi, MD on SAMINA

My Wife and I enjoyed our Giant Tempurpedic mattress for years until we tried Samina. After trying Samina just for one night, my wife’s chronic cough resolved completely. Hindsight, her chronic cough may have been due to dust allergy. Furthermore, we both started feeling less pain and stiffness upon awakening, which we used to attribute to aging. Samina made us feel healthier, aligned, and overall younger. We are grateful to Samina and Claus for their education and support.

In the past, we would get up during the night to either open or close our window, which was very disruptive to our sleep. With SAMINA, the temperature is constant and always pleasant. No night sweats or cold feet anymore!

I stopped dreaming many years ago. But after sleeping on SAMINA mattress, I started having dreams again and after waking up from a wonderful deep sleep, my joints are not stiff anymore! So it looks like that joint stiffness was related to the wrong mattress and not the normal aging process as I thought.


Mehrdad Razavi, MD
Medical Director,
Innovative Sleep Centers, ISC

by Nina L. Los Angeles, CA on SAMINA

We have really been enjoying the mattress. I've been experiencing deeper sleep. Initially, I felt a relief from my shoulder stiffness and pain. I definitely feel a difference in support.
Thank you and see you soon!


by H. Robertson on SAMINA

I have had my wonderful SAMINA, bed and bed frame and bedding for 6 months now and wanted to let the whole world know how happy I am with my purchase. Not only was my experience with Claus and Denise amazing and so friendly and helpful as nothing was too much with my endless questions and concerns at the time. I had been looking for a new bed for several years always putting it off because I could not find anything that would fit my requirements which were very strict. No metal, non toxic and completely healthy and super comfortable and breathable and allowing air circulation through and around it. I found that unheated Latex did not give off VOCs. Most on the market claim they are pure but this is untrue and has been mixed with a man made product and heated to mold it and is giving off VOCs. (dangerous cancer causing gases). My former bed had been a thick layer of organic untreated latex but exceedingly firm and I could never really sleep well on this. I tried sheepskins and anything to soften the ‘soft’ firmness. It was not supporting my back properly and I woke up through the night and often with a sore back. In the end I found SAMINA and found my ‘perfect' bed. I had noticed amazingly beautiful and well designed bed frames online and then with more research i discovered the bed frame could be bought with a special combination of mattress/slats which covered all my requirements. It also caught my eye because the style of the bed was unique and had been designed by a chiropractor. Although I was a little shocked by the cost I would have to outlay I can assure you that the expense was well worth it. The combination of a wool and latex on top of moveable sustainable wooden slats that moved to support my body correctly have made me have a deeper, longer sleep and have dreams like never before. This bed is as good as it gets to a ‘most HEALTHY sleep’, I used to use all feather and down as bedding and pillow and switched out to the SAMINA woolen duvet and a latex pillow. Both covered with the ‘special crystals' that radiate the sleepers natural body heat helping with a deeper calmer sleep. Amazing. I have the proper neck support from my pillow and the duvet hugs me quietly and regulates my body temperature and feels 'like a dream'. All SAMINA standards were the best I had researched. I thoroughly recommend that this bed will change your life and make for a clearer thinking mind and pain free back. I am against Feather and Down now since during my research I discovered that feather and down suck in moisture from your body and gather dust mites and can cause allergies. It also can get super limp and clumpy. Also it is a very cruel process used to pluck feathers of these poor birds. Feather and Down now in recent years has to have Fire Retardant added to it to comply to USA Fire retardant standards where latex does not as it is a natural fire retardant. This chemical will take years to stop 'off gassing'. SAMINA materials are supplied from Europe and are made with the strictest health conscious requirements. Organic Wool will have no chemicals added to clean it and will retain its natural properties and is the best insulator and does not attract the bugs. A bed is so important and one where we spend 1/4 of our lives and should be considered an important and great investment. This SAMINA bed and most Beautiful Frame and bedding have changed my life for the better. Thank you Claus and Denise and THANK YOU SAMINA!


As a craniofacial expert who continuously works to optimize the facial structures, cranial structures. airway breathing channels and of course patient's dentition, I understand the benefits of proper spinal cord alignment and the importance of sleep for brain function. While knowing all the science, I had a difficult time appreciating that the Samina Sleep System could deliver the benefits of less toxicity in the brain, biomodulation of the autonomic nervous system, reduction in brain swelling, improved REM cycles, better blood circulation, etc. That is...until I bought my own custom Samina Sleep System...and the difference was incredible. Within 48 hours my wife and I had significantly reduced facial swelling, lower blood pressure, increased focus, felt rested and our osteopath confirmed our postural alignment had noticeably improved. While I cannot promise it will make you younger...I can tell you from personal experience it will make you FEEL younger, healthier more alive and vibrant.

by Dr. Lana Foree on SAMINA

Hästens incidentally comes from the same small town in Sweden I grew up in. My family knows the founder of hästens Beds. My whole family had Hästens beds. But I agree, they are full of metal and not grounded. I've also had Duxiana, which I found very comfortable. But for sleep comfort and health Samina IS THE BEST BED I've had. ?❤️?

by Dave Asprey - Founder, Bulletproof Biohacking on SAMINA

Samina beds provide possibly the highest end sleep experience possible because they pay attention to every little, detail, even things you wouldn't know make a difference. The result is an amazing night's sleep like no other!

by Jonathan Frame on SAMINA

I highly recommend the Samina Sleep System to anybody who feels called to reach their highest potential for happiness, health, and strength in their life, no matter what age.
In my process of recovering and coming into remission from crohn's disease through a natural approach, I quickly learned any hard earned efforts I would spend much time and money to heal myself, was squandered if my sleep was sub-par.
I never tried to Samina Sleep System before purchasing it but my intuition was right on with this perfect bed, there is nothing else even close to its quality on the market, and it is well worth the investment, and this is coming from a young 25 year old adult who has student loans to pay, they pay themselves off with my new developing robust health from perfect sleep. Customer service is excellent and I have even given my father who is turning 60 and retiring soon the other half of my bed so I can rest well knowing I have given him a gift that enriches a third of his life and he is raving about the results as well. Just do it, you will earn back your investment tenfold.

by Summer McDowell on SAMINA

36 F - Lower Back Pain from Car AccidentChronic lower back pain had plagued me for years. My q/l's were tight because my lumbar arch was not being properly supported. I dreaded going to sleep because I knew when I would wake up, I would be in pain.....again. One of my Pilates clients told me about her Samina bed. I went to her house and tried it out. Comfy! I researched beds for 6 months, weighing the options, trying to figure out what made sense for my partner and I long term. He is a NeuroRadiologist M.D. who was working nights, so the fact that this bed was split, was also a huge plus. He could come to bed and I could sneak out without waking each other up. It's been 30 days and my back has been unwinding, my Pilates workouts and stretching has improved, and I'm actually able to fully engage my muscles because the pain is no longer chronic. I now tell all my Pilates clients about my Samina bed, and I remind them to quantify the price over 20 years when their eyes get big. Yes it's a significant investment, however you lay on it 7-8 hours a day. Laying on a bed with fire retardent also turned me off because cancer runs in my family. So a classic "American Style" bed was out for me as well. The bed is very durable, the options on it are plentiful and customizable, and the pillows and supporting bed linens are so amazing. Sometimes it doesn't matter what you do to get out of back pain during the day, because if you're sleeping on bed that doesn't support you, every day you start over from scratch. In our household we've seen way to many trashed spines through MRI to not invest in the best bed for our back. We both feel we made the best decision, and the customer service and time Claus and his lovely wife spent with us, was above and beyond. PS - Our dog who had a laminectomy 2 years ago refuses to get up with me at 6am, and now chooses to sleep in until I get back from my am clients. It gets her paw of approval 😉

by Janie W., San Francisco on SAMINA

My sleep was very deep. I laid down just to check out the bed. I hadn't brushed my teeth. When I awoke, it was 6 am. I do not think I changed position at all. I stayed asleep on my back. I usually remember shifting in bed many times while sleeping.

This morning when I awoke, I felt like I was in a stupor of sleep. I remember as a kid, my brother, Ken whom we shared rooms with, slammed a bat across my bed with me in it. I never felt it. That was the state I was in last night.

I have been waking up with back pain across my lower right back that extended out over the top of my hip and soreness in my right groin as well for the past 2 weeks, too.,...but this morning I felt none of those discomforts.

I have also been waking up with numbness and tingling in my right thumb and intermittently other fingers that would subside over the course of the day. This morning, no numbness. I am delighted that I have noticed significant positive effects of the Samina sleep system.

Thank you for your fantastic customer system. I can see that you are happy delivering these beds that bring people relief and creating more happy, functional people on this planet.

by C. Costin, Malibu, CA on SAMINA

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS AMAZING BED!! I tell everyone about it and show them when they come over. Its the best sleep I've had in years, I almost can't wait to get in bed at night!

by Janie W. on SAMINA

I have had multiple eye surgeries on my left eye for retinal detachment over 20 years ago. One of the procedures, caused my eye muscles to be severed and when I am tired my eye tends to roll up and outward, off centered. When I started sleeping on the grounding pad, aside from having more restful sleep where I am changing position less often, I noticed that my eye was frequently centered. When I loaned my grounding pad to a friend for a week, my eye rolled outward again for most of the week. Once I started sleeping on the pad again, after the second night, my eye is centered again and I am happy to confirm this finding. My friend, whom I loaned the pad to, is buying one after using it for a week. She was having trouble sleeping, getting up frequently with difficulty falling back to sleep. After using the pad, she had some reluctance to return it because she noticed the positive effects on her sleep. She was convinced she needed one of her own since she could now sleep through the night.

by Janie W. on SAMINA

I loaned my grounding pad to my friend for a week and couldn't wait to get it back. During the week of not having it, I could feel progressively more tired and my energy level and my mood changed. I felt tired and had less desire to do anything extra in my routine of daily living. I didn't feel as upbeat as well and less apt to return phone calls by the end of the day. After placing the grounding pad back on my bed, I slept well, experienced restful sleep and was content to get up when I did. I started my day feeling in control.

by Steven Harris, MD - Pacific Frontier Medical, Inc. on SAMINA

Now that we sleep on a grounded natural bed with no toxins, my wife and I are sleeping so much more restfully. The exceptionally comfortable mattress which lays on body conforming slats take off the pressure off my many sore areas so I wake up feeling 20 years younger than I did on our previous bed. The EMF protection has significantly decreased frequent and early awakening. I love this bed and believe it is the answer to so many patients with sleep disturbances.

by Daria Green on SAMINA

I have such a high standard when it comes to health and sleep being one of the most important aspects of it deserves an extra attention. It seems as if Samina developers have thought of every little detail so thoroughly that I do not have to worry or compromise anything. This bed has it all: organic natural materials, orthopedic layers, grounding solution, no metals, no irritants... It provides relaxation on a whole another level - mental and physiological.

I have never been able to fall asleep so easy as right now. Since day one on Samina I've experienced a shift in my Circadian rhythm, going to bed early and waking up early has never been easier. Most of the time now I wake up without an alarm which tells me that I'm finally in tune with my melatonin-cortisol rhythm.

But the most significant change for me is my sleeping position. After being a stomach sleeper for my whole life I still can't believe I'm sleeping on my side and back for the whole night and wake up without any hip pain or any pain for that matter.

I have finally revolutionized my sleep thanks to Samina, Claus and Denise.

by Dr Justine G Anderson,DC,ND on SAMINA

We love the SAMINA grounding pads! I have always been an amazing sleeper until I hit menopause combined with Lyme and chronic pain- I started having such compromised sleep that I had gruelling fatigue where I could barely function.

One week after implementing the grounding pad- I now am experiencing less pain, 80% more refreshing sleep, no sweating or night sweats- and love the "yummy" chemical free organic feeling not to mention that it balances and protects against harmful EMF exposure!

Thanks Denise, Claus and SAMINA for giving us back restorative sleep and therefore restoring our health!

by Daniel Schmachtenberger - Senior Member, Neurohacker Collective on SAMINA

"In all that I’m aware of, the Samina bed is in a class of its own. The thoughtfulness, integrity, design quality, and craftsmanship of the bed and all the components is remarkable. From addressing VOC’s, to mold and mites, to EMF/ RF fields, to temperature and moisture, to orthopedics…the bed was clearly designed by people with an deep understanding of sleep science and optimization. Beyond this, it is by far the most comfortable and enjoyable bed I have ever experienced."

by Joseph J. Schlesinger, MD | Vanderbilt University Medical Center on SAMINA

Since using the grounding pad, my sleep quality has improved. I sleep deeper, dream more, and feel well rested. This is exceedingly important, so I can be at my very best to take care of my patients in the operating room and intensive care unit. One does not realize how they lack in sleep until they have quality and deep sleep. Surrounded by electromagnetic radiation in the environment, and especially my work environment, it is reassuring to not be bombarded by this contaminant while I embark on a restful night of sleep.

by Ken & Toni Krall on SAMINA

Just wanted tell you after 25 years of insomnia I'm finally sleeping through the night! Toni and I love our Samina Bed system! everything from the comfort, to the ease of moving and cleaning! It's just awesome!

by Zamir - Vancouver, BC, Canada on SAMINA

I have had major sleep issues for the last 8 years so I am well versed on absolutely EVERYTHING sleep related. I have uncovered the source of my issues and so my sleep has slowly been improving. Not being able to sleep for so many years has shown me how important sleep actually is. We use sleep to rest, heal and absorb thought; and without it, life is horrible. We bucked up for the Samina bed with the Loksana Grounding Pads and have never looked back. It is worth every single penny. It’s like sleeping on a clean, cool cloud filled with positive energy. It’s on a totally different level. On conventional beds, your shoulders and/or hips get sore throughout the night so you are forced to change your position. And then your neck starts to hurt so you flip again. It’s impossible to get into full REM sleep if your body is consciously or subconsciously feeling uncomfortable. Samina changes everything. I even sleep on my back for a large part of the night.I used to get anxious even thinking about bedtime because I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep. Now I look forward to even just laying on Samina and relaxing. And then I drift off to sleep ever so softly.Oh and Claus and his wife are great to work with. They are no fuss and honest, good people.I plan to tell everyone I know about how lovely Samina is; if only I can find the time to drag myself away from her. In fact, I might just go lay down on Samina and her Grounding Pad friend Loksana right now.

by Cate R., Littleton, CO on SAMINA

Living with chronic Lyme disease and its physical, mental and emotional pain has been very challenging. The worst part has been the insomnia I have experienced for two years. As a nutritionist and exercise physiologist, I know how essential sleep is for health. I am so excited to have slept through the night for the first time in two years on the Samina bed. I felt a deep sense of relaxation that I haven't felt in years. I felt the energy of the grounding pads as my feet and hands gently tingled. I am a HUGE fan and highly recommend the Samina sleep system for anyone who is looking for a great night's sleep, increased vitality, energy and well-being. Claus is fantastic to work with. We are so grateful to have met him and to have purchased this incredible sleep system.Our son also has chronic Lyme and we bought a Pummer bed frame and Samina sleep system for him as well. He is sleeping more restfully too. We are certain that getting a better sleep will help him heal and start living his life again.We will be ordering two more beds, one for our daughter and one for our younger son as well. Once you experience Samina, you will never want to sleep on anything else. My heartfelt thanks to Claus Pummer and Samina.

by Cate R., Littleton, CO on SAMINA

My husband and son put together his queen bed. It is beautiful. The materials and pillow are absolutely amazing. My husband and I have decided to purchase a bed frame from you. He can build the frame but feels like we just bought a Maserati but without the wheels. To get the maximum performance from the Samina sleep system, let’s purchase a bed frame please.

by Cheryl Sweet on SAMINA

I just returned from beautiful Pasadena with a warm welcome from Claus and Denise - two of the most genuine people you’ll ever meet. Claus’ passion and knowledge about helping people sleep and feel better through the Samina sleeping system is inspiring. After decades of major sleep issues on an embarrassingly old mattress, I was unaware of conventional mattresses’ toxicity until I started researching new beds. Despite interest in Samina, I wrestled with justifying the price - until experiencing unexpected and extreme comfort and relaxation while trying out the system at Claus’ and Denise’s Pasadena store. My experience was so compelling that I ended up purchasing the slat, natural rubber mattress, Lokosana wool grounding pad, Bio-Ceramic pillows, duvet/protection covers, and a gorgeous white oak bedframe and headboard. Going from the worst sleeping situation to what I believe is the most superior sleeping system available, I can’t wait for my Samina to arrive in a few weeks. Making this process seamlessly smooth, Claus and Denise not only graciously picked me up from the airport in Los Angeles and drove me back the same day, but will be delivering and setting up my new bed. I’m so thankful I was led to them and for the valuable global contribution they’re making in so many lives! Thank you both!

by Dr. Karen Josephson, MD on SAMINA

We love the bed! I look forward to going to sleep. I think of it as lying between clouds...Even when I have a delay in falling asleep, I am so happy to be in the bed it doesn’t bother me!

by Carrie from Oakville, ON Canada on SAMINA

My new favourite time of day is night !! I have tried many different beds and bedding and I have finally found heaven is on earth when I sleep in my Samina bed. I sleep not only comfortably but without heat and constant movement to find the best position. It's all perfect the moment I lay down. I have recently suffered from arthritis and when I switched to Samina there was a marked difference in my usually haunting morning movement let alone the constant pain to find a calm position! Everything has changed ... Outstanding !My husband's snoring has subsided to a dull roar and he wakes up fully revitalized. He was skeptical on the concept and has admitted its incredible the difference.It's hard to describe how strongly I feel about this bed but it has become definately the best investment in health, comfort and peace !!My children are 10 and 12 and also have always complained of not being able to fall asleep, stay asleep and also always hot ! I didn't mention the new beds to them and they love bedtime now ... Sleep soundly, happily and wondered what magic arrived in their rooms. I wish I could pack their beds wherever we wonder.This is our forever bed and the most brilliant decision we have made. Sleep is the key to everything !!! Go for it and save yourself any further bed confusion. This is a golden solution in every way !

by Dave Asprey, Founder of Bulletproof on SAMINA

This is possibly the lowest toxin, highest quality, ultra luxury mattress available.

by Bill and Betsy on SAMINA

No more muscle soreness waking up in the morning and we are finally sleeping through the night! Thanks to Daniel Vitalis’ for interviewing Claus Plummer owner of Samina North America on his “Rewild Yourself” podcast.A little geographic background before I continue. We live on the west coast of Canada and Claus’ showroom is in California; therefore it was not an option to drop by the showroom. This is the first time I had purchased a mattress s without testing a bed for comfortability/ support and we have no regrets purchasing the Samina Sleep Solution virtually. After listening to one of my favorite podcast hosted by Daniel Vitalis where he interviewed Claus Plummer the owner of Samina North America about the bed Daniel had purchased six month earlier. The bed Daniel had purchased was the Samina Sleep Solution which he intentionally waited six months to ensure it met his high standards before formally endorsing the product on this podcast. Daniel normally does not promote products unless he is really excited about their outcome and wants to share them with his listeners. I had bought two other products on his recommendation and did not hesitate purchasing the Samina Sleep Solution after his seal of approval.I immediately contacted Claus to discuss this product line to overcome the challenges my wife and I had sleeping at night. We had purchased an organic latex mattress, organic latex topper and organic wool topper eight year ago from a local store; however for the past 18 months we were waking up numerous times in the night tossing and turning in order get comfortable until we finally had to get out of bed in the morning due to muscle soreness.I worked with Claus over the phone to find the right solution for my wife and I. Claus was remarkable to work with as his passion to ensure he matched the correct product to improve our quality of sleep was his number one priority. After determining the right solution Claus recommended options to modify our existing bed frame to fit the Samina Sleep Solution. Claus also took care of the logistic for shipping the bed from California to our house in Canada including taking care of importing the product into Canada. The bed arrived within one week and it was easy to setup. Thanks Daniel for having Claus on your podcast and very special thanks to Claus and his team for providing the correct solution including your excellent customer service.

by Daniel Vitalis, host of ReWild Yourself Podcast and founder of SurThrival on SAMINA

There is not a better bed.There is not a better sleep surface.There is not a better love-making surface.And especially nothing I’ve ever seen made to this level of organic standards.I’ve really come to understand how important sleep is and I don’t mind talking about a product that really has the ability to change how a person feels that night and every day for the rest of their lives…I have found my biggest challenge is not wanting to sleep anywhere else…when you have a bed this nice at home. It’s easier to go to bed earlier and to stay in bed later. Finally after years of [trying other beds] that never felt good. I finally feel great every morning and I believe it’s because of the bed.

by David Russomanno on SAMINA

My wife and I love our Samina Sleep System bed. We believe it has changed the way we sleep and improved our well being and health in the short time weve owed and slept on it. At this point, we would not want to go back to a traditional US bed and now dread hotel stays with their substantially inferior junk beds. Know that Claus has been exceedingly helpful and made our purchase experience educational and straightforward. We were initially hesitant due to the cost, but within a few days of sleeping on our Samina bed we are extremely content with our purchase decision. Its rare we would endorse or recommend a product so strongly, but the Samina bed is such a product and definitely worthy of serious consideration. Lastly, we have not received any type of enticement to write this email to you. We are only writing this email because we believe in Samina and Claus and hope this email might make your purchase decision a little easier. When we bought our Samina bed, we felt a little like we needed to take a leap of faith since we could not find a lot of online reviews/testimonials/info in the US. We imagine youll love the Samina bed like we do.

by Mark and Vicki Remas on SAMINA

We bought our Samina from Claus and Denise through the Dwell show in LA. We debated the commitment all day and sampled the bed twice. Our conclusion - a good nights sleep is critical and our old mattress wasnt cutting it. Claus delivered the Samina in October. We have been sleeping on it now for 6 months and it is everything we could have hoped for. Best sleep I have known since being a kid (I am no longer a kid). You cant go wrong with the Samina and Claus and Denise are wonderful to work with and know their product and sleep issues inside and out. Glad to hear they are now in Pasadena so I dont have to go to Texas for my next one!!!

by Rob Metzinger from Morriston, Canada on SAMINA

The main difference between the Samina and my previous mattress was that Samina is comfortable in all positions, back side and stomach. Rob Metzinger Electronics Engineering Technologist, BBEC, EMRS President

by Lyn on SAMINA

Thank you so much for your assistance in making my new bed purchase. I am very grateful that you both made the process so enjoyable and fun and accommodated my need for a mattress made of organic wool and cotton. Many of us who have MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) and need a healthy bed option are unable to tolerate the smell of a mattress with natural rubber. You worked it out so that I could benefit from the Samina bed system. I absolutely love my new bed. Having not had a real bed to sleep on in over 10 years and having multiple health concerns, I needed a non-toxic, healthy bed. This bed is just that. It is heavenly. I feel support where I need it and protection from those EMFs with the Lokosana grounding pad. And the best part is that I am sleeping better. Better than I have in many many years. In fact friends and family are commenting how much better I look…more rested, younger looking and happier.I highly recommend the Samina bed system and especially both of you for your excellent customer service.

by Grammy Award and Oscar Winning Recording Artist (anonymity protected at her request) on SAMINA

Many thanks for helping me sleep better this year.The grounding pads are working well.

by Michelle + Dave Duggan on SAMINA

We are loving our beautiful beds. Dave recently had surgery for a detached retina and removing the slats on our Samina bed for his shoulder and hip pads has been a life saver as he is only allowed to sleep on his right side the last few weeks.

by Ellie & Dave on SAMINA

All is good with the bed. The cat incident was probably a blessing in disguise as we had always let the cats sleep with us and quite honestly, we didn't get the rest we needed because of them. After the incident, we no longer let them in the bedroom and our sleep is much better and of course, the bed is wonderful! We both really enjoy it and it is especially good for Dave's back.

by Peter Welke from Barrie, ON on SAMINA

After many years of having restless sleep and trying various remedies, sleep clinics, and different types of mattresses, I can honestly state that the Samina sleep system has vastly improved my quality of sleep. In addition, a surprising added value is that my snoring has been greatly reduced and my lower back pain has disappeared. I now actually look forward to going to bed.

by Elisabeth G. from Oakville, ON on SAMINA

We are sleeping so much better on Lokosana grounding pads. My husband used to toss and turn like a tornado and now he doesnt move any more when he sleeps.

by Joanne on SAMINA

My husband loves the new duvet and pillows. They are light, airy and warm all at the same time, therefore both of us are happy!

by Eric W. from Bedford Corners on SAMINA

Just had a 20 min nap. Felt like I was floating. I went downstairs and lay down on the natura- no comparison!!! Almost want to cancel plans tonight and just sleep :-). Thank you!!!

by Gayle Buff from Newton Highlands, MA on SAMINA

I have been enjoying my new Samina sleep system which includes the Lokosana and Duvet and pillows since this past February. The Duvet has kept me very warm, especially this past, harsh, winter here in Boston. I find I am able to sleep more deeply, fall asleep more quickly, and wake up with great energy, eager and excited to begin my day. The comfort of the bed system itself is amazing — I never feel any pressure points anywhere on my body, everything really does conform to me, and it’s as if I’ m floating off to sleep. I am delighted with this system, and feel it has already benefited me greatly, and I look forward to many more months and years of healing, through a sound and a more grounded approach to sleep than I have ever experienced before.

by Keith Cummings from Hawaii on SAMINA

My wife and I love our SAMINA bed. I even told my wife that and need to make more time to sleep! Now I look forward to sleeping!Aloha from Hawaii. In March of 2015 my wife, Dr. Mary Dressler, owner of Aloha Aina Wellness Center, specializing in Colon Hydrotherapy, discovered “SAMINA beds” and met Claus and Denise Pummer, distributors of “SAMINA beds”. Being a holistic doctor and on a lifelong quest of HEALTH in life for herself, family and the many she touches in her practice, she quickly realized and recognized that we were definitely missing a major piece of health and healing by way of sleep, rest and allowing the body to re-cooperate. Knowing we spend 1/3 or more of our life in bed that it should be comfortable at least. “SAMINA” has offered us every creative comfort and so much more! I am able to say this because this was our 5th bed in less than a years time.Keith Cummings,Aloha Aina Wellness Center (Colon Hydrotherapy) Pahoa, Hawaii

by Ricki Lake & Christian Evans on SAMINA

We are LOVING our new bed!!!! Honestly, my husband reported that his back is feeling better each day and that his overall sleep is deeper and better. I, too, am feeling more rested in the morning. We are extremely happy with our purchase. 🙂

by Ingo M. from Sacramento, CA on SAMINA

1. Assembly: I installed my Samina bed myself. Assembly is very easy. However, the boxes with the slat frames are on the heavy side, so would recommend a second person to help. Once the boxes are opened, the installation becomes a one person job. The Slat Frame and latex mattress are installed within 2 minutes. Wool cover on top and the bed is ready for the sheets.2. Sleep: Since I am on the heavy side, Claus ordered my Slat Frame with 4 rubber strips. This makes it firmer than the one with only 3 rubber strips and provides extra stability. Sleeping in the Samina bed is great. After about 2 weeks my regular morning stiffness and lower back pain was gone. My sleep seems to be deeper and I feel more relaxed when I wake up.

by Jena King from Pacific Palisades, CA on SAMINA

I recently purchased two Samina beds, duvets, pillows and the Lokosana grounding pads. I couldn’t be happier with the Samina products and the high level of quality. The whole family and even my 5 year old are sleeping soundly and we are having more vivid dreams. I cant sleep without the Lokosana pad. I feel something happening energetically. Im definitely detoxifying. The other day, I awoke and something seemed to jump out of my chest. I feel like it takes you to a higher vibration. I dont think people realize how much you can heal from sleeping on a grounding pad and giving your body a chance to rest and get away from the bombardment of the EMF’s in our environment. Also, Claus and Denise have been amazing and provided outstanding and very personalized service.

by Dr. Robert B. on SAMINA

The Lokosana® Grounding Pads are wonderful. Everybody in my family knows a difference with using them and thanks very much. I’m so glad I got them.

by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa on SAMINA

My own experience is that dreams are much more vivid, more intense after a few nights of sleeping on Lokosana®.  I have had a certain kind of pattern of sleep especially with so much traveling and different time zones, I can sleep for 4 hours, awaken and do some work, then go back to sleep. When I sleep on Lokosana for 4 hours at a time, I can sleep longer, deeper and then the level I stay awake is much longer and more alert.  One of the most profound difference is that my body is not achy or sore. All good news to me.Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (American TV & Movie Actor / Producer / Martial Artist)

by Joan Cavalcante on SAMINA

I love my grounding pad.The first week was difficult for me and i felt very jumbled while sleeping now after three weeks I can wait to go to bed each night and receive this wonderful healing. My sleep has become very deep almost as if i went some other place during the night. I am very calm and relaxed while at work and people are asking me what I am doing. I have begun to remember my dreams and look younger. I will never sleep without it again.Sincerely,Rev Joan Cavalcante PHD,New York

by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD (Founder of the Sophia Health Institute) on SAMINA

I’m pleased to have recently learned about SAMINA healthy sleep products at our Academy workshop where our attendees and I tested the complete system. I am most impressed with the Lokosana® grounding pad which far exceeds other versions on the market. I always seek to sleep in an EMF free and natural environment and recommend the Lokosana grounding pad to my environmentally sensitive patient population in need of grounding and EMF free sleep.I believe we have finally found a natural sleep system that our patients can be confident they will receive healthy and healing sleep. The entire system is organic and free from all chemicals, flame-retardants and metals so it is ideal for anyone who wants to sleep healthy and especially good for those in need of healing. www.sophiahi.com

by P Long & Sam McCamey on SAMINA

We love our new Samina bed. Claus had it built oversize for my husband who is 6' 6''. We have been sleeping in it since November and are experiencing deeper, longer sleeps, more dreaming, no awkward aches or pains on waking. The only problem with the Samina sleep system is that it is so dreamy you never want to get out of bed, and when you do, you start thinking about how soon you can snuggle back into it.Sam McCameyOral Roberts Golden Eagles Mens Basketball

by Bruce Bennett & Anne Simmonds from Toronto, Canada on SAMINA

We have been sleeping on Lokosana for a year now. Before we tried Lokosana, each of us would have some difficulty getting to sleep, and when we did, would wake up often several times each night. Now, after a few months using Lokosana, we pretty much sleep through the entire night without waking. We are sleeping much better.Bruce BennettRetried Air Canada Pilot Boing 777

by Sandra Goergen from Brantford, Canada on SAMINA

I have not had a good night sleep for the last 4 years. I have always been a light sleeper but the last few years it was more and more annoying to wake up at the lightest noise and it seemed to take forever to fall asleep again. The hot flushes and night sweats did not make it any more pleasant either. When I met Claus at his store in Port Carling in the summer of 2014, we started to talk about the Samina bed and the benefits of merino wool for my night sweats. I trusted his suggestion to use a merino pillow to help with the night sweats, why not nothing else worked, what did I have to lose? It seemed to work well and we came back the next day to buy more Samina products. We left the store with 2 Lokosana grounding pads and it was the best investment we have made in our sleep and health.It took me a few days to feel the benefits and the difference the Lokosana grounding pad made to my sleep. Now, as soon as my head hits the pillow, I’m gone, into a blissful night sleep. Something I have never done since my childhood. I dream a lot, if I wake up in the night, it does not take to long to fall asleep again. What is also remarkable is that I even don’t wake up, when my partner leaves our bed to use the washroom. I’m impressed and extremely thankful for the amount of knowledge and support we received from Claus. I would highly recommend to try the Lokosana and to work with Claus to improve sleep and the overall health benefits that comes with a good night sleep.

by Juliette on SAMINA

My husband is a CEO of an energy company and has 3 herniated and 1 bulged disc in his lower back. With a Spring mattress he would have instant pain getting out of bed every morning. Also flipping this mattress was cumbersome. With Samina my husband and I have great sleep, my husband has no pain getting out of bed, we do not feel each other move in bed due to the unique individual mattress system which also provides a better nights sleep, and it is easy to flip. Purchasing a Samina bed was an investment in our health and our only regret is waiting so long to make this worthwhile investment in our health.

by Marlena Ross from Venice, CA on SAMINA

For the last several years, I have been trying to choose a bed made with organic and nontoxic materials. At the recent L.A. Green Festival, at the Samina booth, I finally found a quality design that impressed me. The knowledgeable Samina distributors, Claus and Denise, graciously answered all of my questions. On the spot, I decided my bed search was over and made the purchase. Saminas attention to detail has made sleeping a comfortable and luxurious experience. Marlena

by Mrs. Menard from Toronto, ON on SAMINA

My hubbies neck problems disappeared after sleeping with his SAMINA pillow we got him for Fathers Day! Best present ever! Now I cant wait to get one, hopefully one day.

by Mrs. Fitzpatrick from Vancouver, BC on SAMINA

Our sleep on SAMINA has been amazing! No sore backs in the morning and so cozy.

by Dave + Michelle Duggan on SAMINA

Hi Claus and Denise.So far we love our new bed. Both Dave and I are dreaming more and I personally find myself really looking forward to crawlng into my cosy bed! My neck and back are improving and generally Im not as achy upon waking.

by Nick from New York on SAMINA

SAMINA Best decision ever!

by Jacqueline from Friday Habor, WA on SAMINA

Dear Claus,our sleep continues to be outstanding! The Samina bed is the best investment we have ever made so we are happy that we made the plunge! Thank you for sending me our receipt and information. We are thinking of buying two more Delta pillows for our guest bed. I hope that your shows have been a success and that you have been selling many beds. I think you are in San Francisco in November so I will let my friends who live there know if they are interested in seeing and trying the Samina bed.

by DDH from New York City on SAMINA

The Lokosana® grounding pad on my bed has provided my husband and I with a noticeable deeper, more restful sleep. The grounding pad has definitely helped to combat my insomnia! I wake up in the morning in disbelief that I stayed asleep all night—a rare occurrence before the Lokosana® system! I also believe my body awakes with less aches and pains due to the restorative proprieties of the Lokosana® pad! I highly recommend this addition to your mattress, especially if you live in an urban area!! Happy Sleeping!

by Mrs. K. Rice from Toronto, ON Canada on SAMINA

The verdict is in. It took a week for me to say with complete conviction, "the best decision ever" and "sleeping like a baby". I wake up feeling rested and every morning and every evening, I think to myself, what a great bed! Next purchase will be for the rest of the family! . . . SAMINA, the BEST decision ever, well, next to purchasing our cottage, and getting a dog!

by The Hoffmans from Oregon on SAMINA

We purchased the Samina bed in 2006. Since then, our low back and hips have never been happier. My husband and I are 6’0” and 5’1” and are equally satisfied with comfort and support. The pillows have given our sensitive necks wonderful relief. Every aspect of the Samina sleep system is unique in how it comes together to support your body. It truly is genius to say the least!

by Belinda Stronach on SAMINA

hello Claus,I love my new beds by the way!Thanks Claus

by Jacqueline on SAMINA

The bed has been wonderful! All nights have been filled with good sleep unless I have something stressful happening on my mind and that is not the fault of the bed. I have been telling everyone I know abut it. Brian and I are happy that we made the investment!Talk with you soon.

by Dr. J.G. from Ontario, Canada on SAMINA

My husband is a CEO of an energy company and has 3 herniated and 1 bulged disc in his lower back. With a spring mattress he would have instant pain getting out of bed every morning. Also flipping this mattress was cumbersome. With Samina, my husband and I have great sleep, my husband has no pain getting out of bed, we do not feel each other move in bed due to the unique individual mattress system which also provides a better night’s sleep, and it is easy to flip. Purchasing a Samina bed was an investment in our health and our only regret is waiting so long to make this worthwhile investment in our health.

by Mrs. Debi Vanwey from Austin, TX on SAMINA

I do have a Samina bed. I bought it 12 years ago when I bought my pillows. I also bought a duvet at that time. It's been incredible. I can't imagine not having a Samina bed. It was one of the best purchases I have ever made.

by Leonards ... two very satisfied SAMINA customers on SAMINA

Without Samina Bed and Duvet and Pillows (we owned a conventional mattress)Tossed and turned all night long. Woke up every hour on the hour. Bed @10pm to 6am. My wife woke up a few times and snored loudly on and off..woke up @6am also.Night #1 Purchased Samina certified organic mattress, pillows and duvetsSlept like a baby undisturbed from 10 pm to 6 am. My wife slept the same and was awake @6 AM FEELING GREAT.Night #2Beautiful sleep - woke up early but was completely rested. Bed @10 pm to 4:30 am. I noticed my wife is now sleeping on her back and the snoring is almost silent. She went to bed @ the same time but slept in until 6 am.Night #3Slept Peacefully all night long. Woke up completely rejuvenated . Went to bed @ 10 pm…woke up @ 430 am. My wife slept on her back all night and did not snore at all. Out of bed @ 6am feeling great.Night #4Slept like a newborn baby, undisturbed, best sleep ever. Just love this certified organic bed, love my new pillow and cannot believe the difference the Samina duvet makes. Quite frankly it’s heaven on earth. My wife had the best sleep of her life. She cannot say enough good things about this product. Her back is not sore in the morning now and that’s just after five nights, hard to believe, but true.We would both highly recommend the Samina line sleep system. It is truly unique and the best sleep you will ever have.

by Virginia Junkin from Mississauga, Ontario on SAMINA

For a number of years, I woke up every morning with pain and stiffness in my lower back. Several months ago, we purchased a Samina sleep system and after only a couple of nights, I woke up pain free. And I have been pain free since. I am a big fan of this bed!

by D.V. - Austin from Texas on SAMINA

I would like to stay in touch even though I probably won’t be buying anything for quite a while since the SAMINA products last so long. I still love my SAMINA bed after all these years, and the new pillows are fabulous. I started sleeping better right away when they arrived. The SAMINA products are exceptional and the money I spent on them has been worth every penny and then some.

by Christine E., Massage Therapist from Lewisville, TX on SAMINA

Prior to SAMINA, I was usually only getting 4 hours, maybe 5 hours regularly. I would take Benadryl to sleep if I was truly exhausted, and then I would sleep maybe 7-8 hours only. It was fitful and not good rest as I was tired most of the day. With SAMINA, I am sleeping much better - sounder as well.

by Mrs. Buff from Boston, MA on SAMINA

I have been enjoying my new Samina sleep system which includes the Lokosana and Duvet and pillows. The Duvet has kept me very warm, especially this past, harsh, winter here in Boston. I find I am able to sleep more deeply, fall asleep more quickly, and wake up with great energy, eager and excited to begin my day. The comfort of the bed system itself is amazing — I never feel any pressure points anywhere on my body, everything really does conform to me, and it’s as if I’ m floating off to sleep. I am delighted with this system, and feel it has already benefited me greatly, and I look forward to many more months and years of healing, through a sound and a more grounded approach to sleep than I have ever experienced before.

by Bob & Denise P. from Austin, TX on SAMINA

We are sleeping very well in our new Samina bed, better than ever before. Also, thank you for the pillow for me, it really is a necessary part of Samina Sleep System & allows me full night sleep.